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Air Jordan shoes ever released one of the most popular brands. The brand was founded in 1985, is the best time to say, Nike basketball player Michael Jordan. Since then, Jordan has released their new model every year to play basketball. The first version of Michael Jordan shoes (also known as' Michael Jordan is known) is due to air Jordan I (1) is known. To 1-23 from the value of the style or I - xxiii, continue with the model 2009 and 2010. Michael Jordan wore for his basketball career, this is the only reason why the model rose to 23, then continue in different formats considerable part of the # 23. Jordan shoes have style, with hundreds of unique designs. Each shoe model has its story behind. Here are various models of air Jordan shoes, some interesting facts.

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We know the market there are various brands of shoes. However, the most popular shoe, it is clear, Nike shoes. Even with a long history, but still well received by a crowd of people wide. Especially with the impact of NBA players, some more well-known styles of Nike shoes, such as James shoes, Kobe shoes, Nike Jordan shoes.

Jordan Nike shoes is an end in 1997, the family part of the Nike launched a new marketing plan, and Jordan became its own sub-brand of Nike. To mark this change, the new Jordan Brand released the Air Jordan XIII, Air Jordan, Team Jordan trainer. Since then, the Jordan brand products are no longer the Nike name or Nike cyclones, their only connection point, Nike, Nike is a company based the fine print the address for insurance purposes.

Air Jordan shoes have been among the best, because their sales in 1985 to create basketball shoes. Jordan brand is a household name and people of all ages and social strata line up enthusiastically for the latest model version. Part of this success can be attributed to three, from the Jordan shoes, to the most recent model, has been using his name, Michael Jordan began the facts. Designers to consider his ideas, hobbies, life and into the shoes of these feelings.

Here are some air jordans...

Air Jordan 1 (I) High Doernbecher Freestyle-Mr. Boober


NIKE Air Jordan 2 II Low Retro White Black Varsity Red

The Air Jordan 2 high tops and low tops were very stylish, making them as popular as the AJ I. All Original Air Jordan II were made in Italy

. Rumor after the Original Air Jordan

model the mold was either destroyed or was stolen. So when the Air Jordan II re-released in 1994 to 1995, Nike had to dissect the Original pair, and when Jordan Brand re-released the AJ 2 once again in 2004, they had to dissect a pair of the 1994-1995 retro. On the Air Jordan II there was not a black color way produced, even though sketches and prototypes were put together. One of the most sought out pair of shoes was the Air Jordan II. Very little were in existence, and also very few pictures were floating around.

In 1995 the Air Jordan 2 was re-released in the high top version, as well as the lows. They had a price tag of $120.00 (same as the originals), but just like the Air Jordan I they did not sell well, hitting sales racks for $20. In 2004 the AJ 2 made an appearance once again, with a price tag of $145.00. Also in 2004-2005 the AJ II lows were released, retailing at $160.00.

Air Jordan 13 black true red white

AIR jordans 13 is a masterpiece of stylist, sole design is reasonable, grip zone, taking the ZOOM AIR! On both sides of the shoe mat feet after more protection, prevent bounce landing make a sprained foot! 13 generation or a pair of very good shoes! It can help you to jump higher. Our company provides high quality, export  cheap jordan shoes  prices lower  is worth buying.